University Advising

At SAGE Advising, we comprehend your educational concerns, having helped hundreds of students like you to reach their dreams at well-matched universities, whether abroad or close to home. Guiding you through myriad questions towards an array of authentic options, we empower you to discern the best solutions for your education and career goals.

Our university counseling services are intended for students who want to access any of the following:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, taught in English
  • Careers & abilities testing with the Morrisby online
  • Foundation programs or summer courses of all kinds
  • Individualized IELTS preparation, particularly in writing

In full compliance with the Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission from the US-based National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), all university counseling provided by SAGE Advising adheres to the highest standards of professional ethical practice.

Personal and professional ethics are the cornerstone of our daily practice, the gold standard that promotes truly student-centered advising without conflicts of interest.

Founder and Senior University Counselor Jeannette Law remains an independent advisor, strictly without any agent relationships. As a matter of principle, to provide impartial guidance to students and families, we receive no commissions or bonuses from any organizations or universities around the globe.

Jeannette Law was conferred the Certified Educational Planner (CEP) credential in 2009, as the first and only CEP in Italy. An adjudicated professional in the field of educational planning, Ms. Law chooses to satisfy the rigorous benchmarks of professional competency and development that are required by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners, with re-certification requirements that must be fulfilled every five years.

A Highly Personalized Approach

At SAGE Advising, we mobilize nearly 25 years of experience–with students from diverse backgrounds and academic abilities–to deliver customized counseling every time. Accompanying the student and family on this often winding journey, together we seek and will find the most authentic answers for your future.

As a Senior Counselor, Jeannette Law has the professional maturity and tried-and-true experience to help you navigate any number of challenging personal or family dilemmas that may emerge during the university counseling process.

  • I’m confused about what to study. Which tools provide clarity about my strengths? 

  • Which national university system would suit me best? Can I apply to several?

  • Will my academic record meet the university entry requirements? If not, what then?

  • Which universities match my learning style, academic profile and study subject?

  • Which educational options offer the most cost-effective options for our budget?

  • When should I submit my applications, from the strategic point of view?

  • Can I take the SAT, IELTS, GRE or other admissions tests in Italy?  When & where?

  • I’m overwhelmed by the tasks of the application process. How do I get “unstuck”?

  • Without work experience, what material should I highlight on my CV?

  • Can I secure a paid internship or job abroad after my university studies?

  • Which documents do I need for a US or UK student visa? What is the timeline?

  • If I didn’t reach my predicted grades, what are my best options?

Meeting weekly with each student, Ms. Law guides you step-by-step through this multi-faceted, intercultural process, providing honest, well-informed answers in the work style that suits you and your family best.

Ms. Law also consults with parents of liceali on a range of relevant issues, including personalized support on school communications, an evaluation of global university systems and processes, insights into tuition and financial assistance, and visa-based considerations for future internship and work opportunities for students.

During the counseling process, students are provided the key tools to take increasing responsibility and ownership, as experience has proven that high engagement leads to the most rewarding for everyone, with winning results. 

Maximum Flexibility

To give families maximum control over their counseling process, meetings are generally billed on a periodic basis; large-sum, prepaid retainers are not required. Students and families who wish to take full responsibility for their application results may collaborate with Ms. Law on an “on-call” basis, regarding only selected portions of the process at the family’s discretion.

Because our counseling has no agenda except to promote your best educational interests, all students and their families may freely select whichever final study destination results as the most suitable for their needs and aspirations.

The Essence of Writing

Personal essays constitute a significant portion of many global university applications. Having taught classroom English for over a decade, Ms. Law harnesses her illustrious teaching standards in the service of pushing pupils to grow in their writing potency and inner confidence.

By digging deeply on the introspective queries of university essay prompts, students are challenged to express the truths of their experiences, with gripping insights that make each narrative stand out as unique.

By request, Jeannette also offers intensive preparation in Anglo-Saxon standards of English composition for the Writing section of the IELTS test of English language.

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