A Memorial Sonnet, three years after


The Breathtaking Panorama – Il Panorama Mozzafiato

“Italy cable car fall: 14 dead after accident near Lake Maggiore” BBC, 23 May 2021, Stresa

Meadowlands are seldom mozzafiato,
so sublime to scythe breath. But Italian
lake views glide, cloud plume gondolas in tow,
seven sighs of turquoise inspiration.

Splendent Sunday, an almost ascension
skids hissing. Cannonade. Somersault rolls
slam echo gasps from three generations:
promessi sposi, scholars square their tolls,

yet one boy clings—furious, fire-breathing soul—
Eitan wails as five umbrae pray vigil
over splintered legs; no champagne summit stroll
for Roberta’s bitterest birthday riddle.

Corners cutting the wind-tossed wings that were,
those breathless plummet, mute beneath the firs.


By Jeannette Tien-Wei Law, ©2021

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