Morrisby Careers & Abilities Test for Individual Students

Over the last 50 years, the Morrisby Guidance Service has become the most widely used student assessment today, with schools across the UK and the globe using the Morrisby Profile as a key part of their careers guidance programs.  Registered with the British Psychological Society, the Morrisby Profile is a series of psychometric tests that measure the abilities and personality factors that will determine each student’s career direction.  It includes a self-report questionnaire that identifies the interests and personality traits that will likely be decisive in the student’s future work.

Here are some quick facts about the Morrisby Profile (original long version), administered in person by SAGE Advising, Accredited Test Administrator:

    • Test-takers must be at least 14.5 years old
    • Liceo students usually have sufficient English
    • The original version of the Morrisby Profile takes about 3 hours; an abbreviated, 90-minute Morrisby Online is also available
    • The psychometric part of the test measures your ability, while an online questionnaire considers your interests
    • In Milan, you can take the original Morrisby Profile in person; the Morrisby Online can be taken online, from any global location
    • After the Morrisby, a counseling session in English or Italian with Accredited Careers Adviser Jeannette Law can be arranged to help you understand how to apply your results in Italy or abroad

After taking the paper-based Morrisby Profile, students receive a 25-page (PDF) Guidance Report and Looking Forward Guide with personalized results, including recommended university specializations and 12 specific careers.  The briefer Morrisby Online Report offers the advantage of immediate download, upon completion of the online test.  Results of either assessment may be applied to any national university system.

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SAGE Advising and its educational partners at the Morrisby Organization look forward to guiding you towards your best study and career paths!