Individual Counseling Meetings

SAGE Advising provides long-term, personalized guidance for students who seek admission to Bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degrees, foundation programs, or short-term courses in English language and specific subjects.  Study destinations include the US, UK, Canada and selected EU countries.

Students and families who work with Jeannette Law, CEP, are assured of ethical, experienced counseling that has proven to help students reach their educational goals abroad.

Jeannette will answer your questions and help you put your best foot forward:

  • Which national university system is best for me?  Can I apply to more than one?
  • Based on my academic achievements, will I meet university entry requirements?
  • Which subject(s) should I study at university?
  • Which are the best universities for my course of study?
  • What are the costs of university abroad?  Can I get a scholarship?
  • By which dates do I need to submit my applications?
  • Can I take the SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or other admissions tests in Italy?  Where?
  • Which documents do I need for a US student visa?
  • How should I present myself in my personal statement and/or CV?
  • Can I get a job abroad after university?
  • If university deadlines have already passed, what should I do?

Committed students of all backgrounds and academic levels are welcome.  Meetings are arranged on a weekly basis from many global locations.  Payment is generally charged per meeting, however all-inclusive packages are available upon request.

We would be honored to provide informed guidance to you and your family, as you seek to understand what is best for your global education dreams.  Please don’t hestitate to Contact Us with any questions, or for an introductory meeting!

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