SAGE Advisees in the News

Some students who have collaborated with SAGE Advising have made (or written) their own headlines.
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Graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Alice Firman, was featured for her fashion designs in the UK’s Hunger TV/magazine and Italy’s Mishmash fashion magazine.

Long-term advisee Alessandra Bocchi, undergraduate at King’s College London and Master’s student at UCL and LSE, wrote an article on Middle Eastern immigration issues: “Libyan slave trade feeds on endless supply of migrants.”

Former intern at the US Consulate of Milan, Stefano Rivolta, has received a 2017 Rising Star award from the US federal Information Technology community. See announcement in FCW.

Andrea Bettoni from Bergamo, soccer athlete at Lynn University in Boca Raton (FL), was featured in “Caro Andrea, tu vuò fa’ l’americano: Bettoni è il Pirlo della Lynn University,” Eco di Bergamo.

Maria Gabriella Pezzo, undergraduate at Cambridge University and graduate student at NYU, was featured for her documentary in “Tesi sul sisma alla New York University,” Gazzetta di Mantova.