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Here’s what high school students and families have to say about Jeannette Law’s counseling and expertise:

When I first met Jeannette, she asked me which colleges I wanted to apply to and where. My answer would have confused anyone; I had no idea what distinguished one university from another or even what I wanted to study. All I knew was that I had to apply somewhere and become something. She explained to me that every university has a distinguished personality, and I had to choose which ones I thought matched my own interests. She opened the door to a world I didn’t know I had access to. The future. All of a sudden, it was in my hands, demanding my attention. With her help I chose to apply to universities all over the world to study political science. Moreover, she rendered the application process less stressful and confusing. At the end of the application process, I considered her an advisor as well as a friend. –Italian-American student, admitted to Barnard College (Columbia University) with a grant of $34K

Jeannette ha seguito entrambi i nostri figli nel processo di applicazione all’università in Inghilterra e grazie alle sessioni di counseling, Arturo ha ottenuto il posto nelle università di suo interesse: Exeter per la facoltà di scienze naturali e Surrey per la facoltà di chimica. Il fratello più giovane ha invece preferito restare in Italia ed è entrato “early” all’università Bocconi. Poichè entrambi i ragazzi non sono madrelingua Inglese, ho chiesto a Jeannette se poteva seguirli anche nello studio e nell’approfondimento della lingua. In occasione degli esami finali IB di inglese, grazie al supporto linguistico di Jeannette, hanno avuto entrambi un buon risultato e superiore anche di 2 punti al voto Predicted. Jeannette è una professionista molto seria e preparata ed ha saputo infondere fiducia ai ragazzi dosando disciplina e motivazione personale. –Parents of 2 sons pursuing the IB Diploma, who scored 2/7 points higher than their IB Predicted Grades in English Language & Literature

We are super happy!  With my wife, I want to let you know that you did a terrific job and have been a big part of my daughter’s success.  You guided and motivated her far beyond the admission process.  Grazie davvero! –Parent of Business & Management student from Leone XIII (Milan), admitted to Royal Holloway, University of London; then worked together again for Master’s at Imperial College London with a £10K merit scholarship

I just finished my intro week in Switzerland. Wow! I’m so happy, you can’t even imagine!!! Everyone is so friendly and I made so many friends. The course is amazing and I’m so excited to start it. I hope you’re fine and helping many other students find their happy place, like you did with me. –Italian-Swiss student, admitted to Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL)

We experienced the benefits of Jeannette’s direct college connections when our daughter applied to Cambridge University.  Our daughter made both formal and informal visits to Cambridge.  When she had her official interview, she knew one of the interviewing professors from her informal visit arranged by Jeannette.  Finally, our daughter was accepted into the university of her dreams. –Parent of veterinary student from Finland, admitted to Cambridge University, UK

Ho avuto il piacere e l’onore di conoscere la Dottoressa Jeannette Law, quando ancora era counselor presso l’American School of Milan e si occupava di indirizzare gli studenti dell’ultimo anno al completamento delle domande per l’iscrizione alle varie università internazionali.  Quando mio figlio ha cominciato a pensare di volersi iscrivere ad un’università americana, mi sono subito rivolta alla Dottoressa Law che, nel frattempo, si era messa in proprio. La sua eccellente professionalità, la serietà, l’umanità e il grande impegno che mette nella sua attività, la rendono unica. Grazie a lei, mio figlio è riuscito a trovare l’università che più gli si confaceva e a districarsi tra le innumerevoli pratiche, burocratiche e non, che fanno parte del percorso delle varie domande di iscrizione.   Ho consigliato alcuni amici con figli che volevano studiare all’estero, di rivolgersi alla Dottoressa Law e tutti si sono trovati benissimo.  Non posso che ringraziare la Dottoressa Jeannette Law per la sua preparazione e l’eccellenza del suo operato. –Parent of Italian student, admitted to Wheaton College (MA) for Theater & Dance studies and English with $28K in scholarships & aid

I am very grateful to Jeannette Law for everything she has done for me:  not only was she very patient and kind, but she was always available to help.  First of all, she tutored me for my IB Psychology exam, which I could have never passed without her careful, precise, clear explanations about the structure and content required to answer each prompt appropriately.  Moreover, she assisted me while completing college applications:  she followed me step-by-step to make sure my work was done at the best of my abilities, and made sure I applied to the best colleges compatible with my grades, extracurricular activities and SAT scores. 

Last but not least, I want to thank Jeannette because she believed in me.  She always, always, always made sure I could face my school issues with positivity and enthusiasm, as she transmitted those values herself while coaching and assisting me with my IB Psychology exam and college applications. –Italian student admitted to a US university, then transferred to study Psychology at the Università Cattolica di Sacro Cuore, Milano

Simply put, without SAGE Advising, my son, although academically qualified to get accepted to the university of his dreams, would have probably fallen by the wayside because of the overly complicated application process at American universities.  Jeannette Law’s experience, excellent organizational skills, congeniality and basic common sense allowed my son to streamline the complicated process and focus on taking tests and writing essays. Her encouragement and advice were indispensable. Throughout the process she played the role of guidance counselor, English teacher, expeditor and sage friend. –American parent with sons at Deutsche Schule Mailand; one admitted to Film & Television at NYU; another received full scholarship for Engineering at The Cooper Union, NYC

Jeannette ha assistito mio figlio e altri suoi amici liceali intenzionati a studiare all’estero, nella complessa fase di ricerca di una valida università estera.  Grazie ai suoi preziosi consigli e specifiche conoscenze mio figlio in tempo record è riuscito a presentare applications in alcune delle principali università americane ed essere accettato.  Definirei il servizio fornito da Jeannette “tailormade” e ben focalizzato sull’obiettivo.  Mi è capitato successivamente di segnalarla ad altri conoscenti che hanno apprezzato il suo lavoro. –Parent of Business & Management student from Liceo Scientifico Severi-Correnti (Milan), admitted to Boston University

Jeannette was of fundamental support to my university applications to the United Kingdom.  With her help and exceptional feedback, I recognized what path would bring me to fulfill my professional ambitions.  I would recommend her services especially for the attention she places on personal statements, providing comments that will no doubt make any application stand out. Jeannette has also been of help to me beyond university counseling, her expertise is sure to support any student/graduate who is seeking advice or counseling within the field of education.   –International school student in Biomedical Sciences, admitted to University of Aberdeen, Scotland

I could not have been happier with a college advisor.  Jeannette was always available to me and to my daughter, and she gave us excellent advice. I can safely say that what is generally thought of as one of the most stressful times in a parent and student’s life was made tolerable by Ms. Law’s understanding of the process.  –Parent of Italian-American student, admitted to Washington University in St. Louis

I wanted to let you know that my daughter was offered a College of Arts & Science scholarship. Your expertise and guidance played a huge part in her acceptance!  –Parent of American expatriate student, admitted to NYU

Jeannette has been instrumental in coaching my son to prepare for US College.  She has helped him to be motivated, interested, and to achieve his goals.  A special mention of her psychological skills to help young kids to develop the ambitions necessary to be admitted to a good school. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. –Parent of Italian student, admitted to Liberal Arts at Bard College, NY

Before UK university interviews: Dear Jeannette, thank you so much for the to-do list for the interview 🙂 I’ll make sure to cover every aspect you pointed out!  After interviews: I am indeed pleased that I got a conditional offer from King’s!! Apart from this, the telephone interview with Goldsmiths went really well and the interviewer offered me a place straightaway…The interview at Warwick went well too… I wanted to tell you the good news, because you played such an important part in this! After the maturità:  I’m finally done with the maturità and I’ve never felt better in my whole life!  So, to King’s College London now! I already applied for accommodation and I’m sending them my Esame di Stato certificate so that they can enroll me. Thank you once again for preparing me so well and motivating me too 🙂  –Student from Liceo Leonardo da Vinci (Milan), admitted to King’s College London for Comparative Literature

I have learned not only about application procedures, but also about essay writing, English vocabularies and academic language. I improved my way to break down, examine and develop ideas in essays–valuable things that will certainly serve me well in the future.   –Collegio San Carlo student, admitted to Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Please believe me: it’s very difficult to find people with kindness and availability like yours!  I’ll follow immediately your 3rd solution.   –Milanese student, 4th-year US high school exchange

Jeannette has provided very effective advice on my two sons’ choice of University studies abroad.  She proved to be knowledgeable, consistent, and punctual across the overall process.  At the same time, she has been very flexible in understanding and coordinating parents’ and students’ requirements.  Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative; hired more than once. –Parent of 2 Italian students from Liceo Parini, admitted to Northeastern University (US) & Queen Mary, University of London (UK)

This is the girl you advised (wisely!) and who is now attending the freshman year. I’m really happy with the choice I made and I’m thankful for your advice.  The academic environment is  engaging and intellectually stimulating, the professors are extremely friendly and available. –Student from Cremona, admitted to George Washington University

The information you gave us were fundamental at the beginning of my son’s adventure, but it was more important what you wrote to me in a very difficult moment, when he had some doubts about the choice of university. It was really helpful: in the end, he was convinced of his choice and went on with the studies he had started. Now he is finishing the 3rd year of Business and seems to be serene.    –Parent of student from La Spezia, graduated from Western Michigan University

Ms. Law was my teacher at a time in which was most difficult at grasping the concepts, but Mrs. Law stood by my side.  She and my parents would not have allowed me to give up and “throw in the towel.”  Mrs. Law being the wonderful and caring person that she is, kept me focused on going off to college.  Finally, after such hard work and dedication, I was accepted to a private college in Boston.  We are very excited about my future.   –American student, admitted to Pine Manor College (US) on full scholarship

It has been a pleasure to work with you, we knew that there was Mrs. Law who was ready to help us any time we need.  Your assistance makes the things look easier.   –Parent of two students of Russian descent, admitted to Northeastern University (US) & Roehampton University (UK)

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