Mission & Ethics

The mission of SAGE Advising is to provide trustworthy, experienced, practical guidance to those who seek global education and exchange opportunities.  SAGE Advising maintains a core commitment to the highest quality of service:  knowledge of education and teaching, ethical practice, cultural sensitivity, accessible fees, and compassionate counsel.

SAGE Advising is an educational advising service centered on students.  Families and educational colleagues may rest assured that we are committed to providing impartial advising to the full range of English-taught, higher education opportunities without existing geographical preferences or institutional biases.  As a guiding principle, we seek to serve the best educational interests of students of all backgrounds, preparation, and abilities.

As Director and Senior University Counselor at SAGE Advising, Jeannette Law has earned the credential of Certified Educational Planner (CEP) from the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners.  Ms. Law is the first and only CEP based in Italy.

Ms. Law is an educational professional who has attained, and continues to MorrisbyAccreditedLogoLargemaintain, the highest levels of expertise, thus contributing to the constant advancement of the educational counseling profession.  Ms. Law is also an Accredited Careers Adviser for the Morrisby Guidance Service, the leading careers and abilities assessment based in the UK, serving students and schools around the world.

An experienced teacher who has been recognized for her contributions to international education, Jeannette aims to empower students, families and schools with the knowledge and full preparation to make smart choices for their global education goals.

CostsDuring the counseling process, students are given the tools to take increasing responsibility, both for the present and future.  Jeannette also offers parents essential support about international university systems and processes, tuition costs and financial assistance, and future career opportunities for students.

Over the years, Jeannette has developed positive relationships with a wide network of educational professionals around the world.  She was entrusted the role of Educational Adviser for Northern Italy with the US-Italy Fulbright Commission and EducationUSA, for which she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Department of State.

For information about Jeannette Law’s advising or teaching experience, and the educational services of SAGE Advising, please explore this website or Contact Us.